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Client: Raid  Region: Global

Raid was launching a new liquid
electric mosquito protector with
a built-in nightlight for the global market. We wanted to highlight how this device is an extension of the gentle, but powerful protection that mothers provide for their children.


Protected Storytime

Let’s partner with audiobook companies like Audible to create a special deal that highlights how Raid makes bedtime easy for families. When shoppers purchase Raid
LE Family, they’ll get a special code they can use to redeem a free bedtime story audiobook for their kids, to use in conjunction with our mosquito protector for peaceful sleep.


Pajama Partnership

We’ll partner with retailers’ kid’s clothing brands, like Inextenso by Auchan in Italy, to cross-merchandise Liquid Electric Family near kids’ sleepwear. When parents are shopping for fun pajama sets, we’ll remind them that Raid LE is an important part of their bedtime routine. We can also offer a discount on pajamas when shoppers buy Raid Liquid Electric.


Bedtime Plushie

We’ll partner with local retailers to create an e-comm bedtime buy-get. With every purchase of Raid LE Family, the shoppers will get an elephant plushie for their children. As the elephant plushie eases them into sleep, our product will prevent pesky mosquitoes from waking them up.

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