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Client: SC Johnson  Region: Global

For this project, our client wanted
to update their entire pest control portfolio for the global market. This project was complex in that we had
to bring together all of these highly regulated brands with different uses under an emotionally-driven concept umbrella with key commerce activations built on insight.


During monsoon seasons in South America, rainfall triples and humidity similarly increases, creating the perfect weather for mosquitoes. So we’ll reach shoppers on key weather sites (such as with preemptive purchasing for our products, as well as for preparation kits full of everything they’d need to get weather the storm.

Seasonal Pest Prep


Given Latin America’s increased reliance on third party delivery, we’ll partner with a delivery service like Rappi to create curated pest offers targeting major holidays and gatherings (like Christmas,
Easter, and graduation). As hosts stock up on last minute party needs, we’ll remind them to take care
of their pest needs as well.

Protect Against Uninvited Pests


7 in 10 homes in Latin America stream their entertainment, so we’ll capitalize on this growing trend by partnering with online streaming platforms (like Movistar Play) to create educational interstitial ads during nature documentary shows. For example, we’ll share how sweat attracts mosquitoes but OFF! Active protects you even when you sweat. Viewers can click the ad to instantly shop us. 

Smart Streaming Service Interstitials

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