BBH Barn Intern Project

There's a story behind how this campaign got made: our intern team was originally going to make a completely separate project, with a big non-profit lined up. However,  after many weeks of work, an external decision was made to kill the project immediately. Since we only had a small window left to make something, we worked really hard to carry this project from concept, to approval, to execution, over the course of one week. It ended up being a good thing, both in terms of the end result as well as the learning experience. 

In order to fight insufficient dog adoptions, we created an interactive experience that allowed viewers to play with puppies through Facebook Live. This extended interaction familiarized viewers with the pups without anyone having to physically set foot inside a shelter, even leading to the adoption of little Timmy. 

Collaboration: Cameron Tribe AD, Jacob Sussman Producer, Victoria Lainez Strategist, and BBH Mentors Dean Woodhouse, Hugo Bierschenk, Alanna Watson, Alex Thompson, Johnny Skwirut, Christopher Galvin, and Zach Green

Featured in Adweek